WiFi Tethering on Android

Watching a news article on GTV a few days ago about the collapsing of the internet cafes business in the country, the main reason picked up for this by most internet cafe attendants was the increasing availability of internet access on mobile phones and the surge in purchases of smart phones. The internet needs of the average Ghanaian is mostly that of social networking and email accessibility. It is for this reason that competitively reduces rates for data access by most telecommunication companies in the country is becoming very handy. For example, who wouldn’t take advantage of Tigo’s 0.99pesewas/day ($0.51) unlimited internet browsing? From the story on the  news, the very few who do go to the internet cafes (mostly with their own laptops) only do for internet activities they ‘perceive’ to outweigh the capabilities of their mobile phones. But, does it?

What if your mobile phone could provide you with all the internet capabilities you could think of – send mails with attachments, download files of all sizes, video call family and friends and any other thing you could do with your laptop at the internet cafe. How so, you might ask. Well, because your phone just might be capable of allowing your laptop or desktop use it’s internet data access.

What you need

I’m going to show how to do this for android devices (not just because of my little bias for android but also the fact that most of my audience are likely android phone users).

  • Android smartphone (non rooted. If you don’t understand this, just ignore it.)
  • Google Account (for installing from playstore) – If you don’t have one, please create one on your phone from ‘Settings/Account and sync’.
  • Your laptop, desktop or other wifi device you would want to use.
  • Internet access on the phone.

Step 1.  Downloading and Installing Foxfi

Head over to the android market or playstore by selecting the icon  on your android device to open the app and search for “foxfi”.

You should have Foxfi (Wifi Tether w/o Root) as the first of the results. It’s a free app, just in-case you were wondering. Install the app.


Step 2. Setting up Foxfi

After installing the app, you are greeted with it’s home screen which is where you set it up.

Tick on the first setting – Activate WiFi Hotspot

You can choose to give a name to the network by setting that in the ‘Network Name’ section.

You can alternatively set a password using the ‘Password (WPA)’ setting to prevent others from using your internet.

Step 3. Accessing from PC or Other Device

At this stage you are done with the phone. Just keep it on with Foxfi running (make sure the Fixfi icon is on the notification bar on your phone).

On your pc, just as you connect to a wireless network, navigate to connect to an available network and you should see a new network – Foxfi31 or the name you gave while setting up on the phone.

Connect to this network and enter in the password you set if you assigned a password to the network while setting up on the phone.

Enjoy internet browsing on your pc with the help of your android phone.

I hope I have spared you another visit to the internet cafe.

Please note that you might have to plug in your phone as tethering your phone’s internet drains your battery than usual. Also, internet browsing on computers requires a lot more data consumption than on phones as such, your data charges might increase if you are not subscribed to a fixed data bundle such as Tigo’s daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on any questions, requests or even just a thank you.


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